mexican hot chocolate

You can prepare a traditional cup of Xocolatl Oaxacan hot chocolate in just 3 steps:

  • Bring milk in a saucepan to medium high heat
    Any kind of milk will do, as will soy and rice milk. You will find that even fat free milk will yield a rich and delightful hot chocolate experience.
  • Use one small stick per cup, or one large stick for about two cup.
    No need to grate or shave the chocolate; the warm milk will quickly melt the Xocolatl.
  • Froth adds flavor and texture to your Xocolatl. In Mexico, a molinillo is traditionally used to froth chocolate, and it is said that the amount of froth is a reflection of the love the person who makes the chocolate has for you. If you don't have a molinillo, try using a whisk or hand blender

Xocolatl Chocolate Sauce

Simply follow the Mexican hot chocolate recipe above, substituting heavy cream for milk. Makes an indulgent addition to fine ice creams or as a dessert display of chocolate dipped fruit. Try it on fresh strawberries or blackberries.

Xocolatl also makes an excellent baking chocolate in a variety of other recipes, from cake to mole.

Xoco Mocha Cake Recipe

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"I purchased your chocolate as a gift for my Mom. Your chocolate is just as delicious as the one my Mother and I tasted in Spain. We enjoyed it very much and are pleased that it is so quick and easy to prepare." -C. Lopez, Tucson, AZ