mexican hot chocolate

What makes Xocolatl different?

In a word, purity. Only a few all natural ingredients are used in Xocolatl - cacao, pure cane sugar, cinnamon and ground almonds - making it the finest traditional Mexican chocolate that we know of.

How do I make Xocolatl?

Please see our recipe page.

Where does Xocolatl come from? 

Xocolatl begins as cacao beans that are grown in Chiapas, Mexico. From there, Xocolaltl is made by hand in Ciudad Oaxaca using only the finest ingredients.

What does the word "xocolatl" mean?

Pronounced "sho koh lah tuhl", Xocolatl comes from the Aztec language Nahuatl , meaning "bitter water".

Do I need to grate or shave Xocolatl?

Neither grating or shaving are necessary when making our hot chocolate. Any kind of warm milk (or soy milk, rice milk, etc.) will melt Xocolatl quite well on its own.

Does Xocolatl contain chiles?

No. Although in ancient times chiles were often associated with chocolate, we bring you authentic Oaxacan chocolate made from a simple recipe that is enjoyed today in Mexico, as it has been for generations.

How long will Xocolatl keep?

Due to its high cacao content, Xocolatl will stay fresh for months if properly sealed and kept in a cool, dry cupboard.