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XOCOLATL - Chocolate tradicional de Oaxaca

Mexican Drinking Chocolate from Oaxaca

Xocolatl (pronounced "sho koh lah tuhl") is chocolate from the source, and travels to you from the cloud forests of Oaxaca, Mexico - a short journey from where cacao trees were first domesticated over two-thousand years ago.

Prepared in small batches by a family who has been making chocolate the traditional way, by hand, for generations, Xocolatl is hand rolled into sticks using toasted cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cinnamon and a hint of ground almonds.

These basic ingredients create an unique chocolate experience that makes a truly authentic cup of Mexican hot chocolate rarely found outside the colonial streets of Ciudad de Oaxaca. Un pequeno tesoro for the chocolate connoisseur.

"We love your chocolate. We have been trying to replicate the Mexican hot chocolate we loved at a little restaurant in, of all places, Ypsilanti, Michigan for over 10 years - and your hot chocolate is even better than our memory of the other chocolate, which is quite a feat. Our favorite winter treat is your low sugar/extra dark version - the chocolate and spices are great, and it is not very sweet, which means that the taste of the chocolate comes through. We serve it to guests or give it as a present all the time as a special treat from Tucson." -Kathie B., Tucson, AZ

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